Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Porter Report

One of my 2012 TOOMASOOBA goals included showing work in a new state or two...and now I can mark Tennessee off the list! I was honored to be chosen as a vendor for the Porter Flea in Nashville last weekend  awesome show, great venue, non-stop crowds. One of the best markets that I've been a part of so far.

I was glad to have my long-time friend (and Nashvillian) David Brooks as my right-hand man for the day. He came up with some funny sales pitches that I totally plan to use again (and probably take credit for) down the road. Thanks for joining me in the trenches, Dave!

Many thanks to Katie, Brent, and all of the organizers who put the show together...I truly appreciate your hustle. And check out the work of some of my new friends like David Pound (Twenty Heads), Chris Hamer (UrbnPop), and Tim Cook. You'll enjoy their art.

Oh shoot, almost forgot  Mike Wolfe (from American Pickers) was there to check out the show, too. Not gonna lie, I got a little starstruck when he strolled by my table. See y'all at the holiday Flea in December!

This was a fantastic venue! And indoors, too, which is a great thing in the middle of June.
Photo by Emily Spence.
Setting up so quickly I was just one big blur.
Where's TOOMASOOBA? Photo by Emily Spence.
Boomabot wants to be your friend.

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