Friday, September 6, 2013

Rhino Birthday Party

Rhino Coffee recently held their one-year birthday party, and TOOMASOOBA was there to help celebrate! A handful of vendors and bands were asked to join in for an evening of caffeine and revelry — Index Drums, Day Old Blues Records, Art Punch, Engine, Joshua Powell, Jacob Disedare, and Kyle Craft were some of the talented makers and rockers doing their thing.

The place was packed throughout the evening — it was a great time. I debuted a couple of new shirts and prints, spread the TOOMA word with folks who hadn’t encountered my art before, and, of course, I also had plenty of coffee. If you happen to stop by, might I suggest an Eastside Latte or Iced Thunder, perhaps?

Rhino is a cool, independent business that supports the local community (and vice versa) — I’m glad they’re thriving here in Shreveport. Here’s to many more years!

A rad hand-drawn sign to announce those involved.
I was glad to be set up inside, where there was air conditioning. I was not
so glad to be photobombed by James of Day Old Blues.
Kyle Craft doing his solo thing. Listen to his music and thank me later.
Index Drums representing on the back patio.
Engine performing - these dudes are amazing. Buy their music now!
Shoppers checking out the TOOMA action.