Sunday, March 31, 2013

Makin' Movie Magic

Yesterday morning we filmed an interview and some other footage with my friend Chris Lyon for an upcoming TOOMASOOBA mini-documentary. Awww yeaahhhh! I was super nervous before we started, but I think it went really well. Below are a few behind the scenes photos...keep your eyes peeled for a grand unveiling in the next couple of months!

Fancy lights, fancy camera, fancy microphone.
The interview outline. Product endorsements not intended.
Looking back over some footage.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Shamrock 2013

The year’s first TOOMASOOBA show was last Saturday at Shreveport’s inaugural Shamrock Color 5K run and block party — we set up next to good pals Day Old Blues Records and had a great afternoon. Lots of runners running, bands playing, and revelers reveling – the day ended with happy folks and a fine coating of colored powder over everything (luckily, most of my products are covered in plastic).

There was also some coloring sheet action going on – and although the wind was not very agreeable, it was a hit. Take a look at some photos from the event below. Here’s to more awesomeness in 2013!

Kiddos surrounding the TOOMATABLE.
Brooks and Cazes rockin' a colorful pose with TOOMASOOBA.
Jeremy and Krystle, TOOMASOOBA Secret Agents.
Miles putting his spin on Hector - I'm digging the colors!
Saige staying in the lines like a pro. Eureka is pleased.
James lovingly protecting his records - check out Day Old Blues here!