Monday, August 13, 2012

TC12: Week Seven

This guy has got some attitude. And he appears to be a member of some sort of extraterrestrial military brigade. I'd watch out for him if I were you. My artwork always features geometric and symmetrical shapes with unifying elements (that's what makes them "TOOMASOOBA-ish", after all), but I try to bring something fresh to the table for each new illustration. And hopefully I pulled that off again this week!

Do you have a name in mind for this guy? Email your ideas to me and I'll pick a favorite. Winners will receive a print of the design along with a few other cool items...congrats to Dave from Tennessee for naming Week Six's illustration — Dixie it is!

Below is a glimpse at the development process for this piece — though I've been featuring TC12 art in black & white on the blog, they'll all end up in color in one form or fashion. Here are some variations that may see the light of day, along with some different costume details.

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