Monday, August 20, 2012

TC12: Week Eight

So here we've got a teenage vampire hunter...who happens to be a vampire himself?? How ironic, or whatever! I'm surprised I've never created a character with an eyepatch before...or a mini-mullet. No better time than now, I guess. I also stepped (a bit) out of my comfort zone with some asymmetry in the arms and it works well. Only one more week of TC12 to go!

Any ideas on a name for this stake-wielding warrior? Email your ideas to me and I'll pick a favorite. Winners will receive a print of the design along with a few other cool items...congrats to Ashley from Louisiana for naming Week Seven's illustration — Griffin it is!

Below is a look at a few of the early sketches for this design — as you can see, the final turned out pretty dang close to my original idea. Sometimes it just happens that way.


  1. This is somehow cuddly and badass at the same time, and it is awesome.

  2. Haha, thanks - that is indeed the perfect combination.