Monday, July 2, 2012

TC12: Week One

So here we go...week one of TOOMACHALLENGE 2012 has arrived. The character below originated from a rough drawing I did while at a web workshop in Dallas last week. I tend to get my best sketching done in the margins of notepads, I must admit. She's a happy little cat-like gal and a pretty good start for TC12, I think!

Do you have the perfect name in mind this creature? If so, email your ideas to me and I'll pick my favorite. Winners will receive a print of the character along with a few other cool items in their mailbox. How can you pass up that offer?

As an added bonus, here's a peek at the original sketches that led to the final illustration you see above:


  1. Gracie....(a white cat, I couldn't help myself)

  2. Love the sketch. It's really cool to see a full-body Toomasooba character.

  3. I tried to email you some name suggestions but my email on my phone sucks so you probably didn't get it. I voted for "Opal".