Monday, July 30, 2012

TC12: Week Five

I actually started the below illustration last summer, but never quite got it right. But as I was going through old files recently, I decided to dust the cobwebs off and take another stab at it. I was pleased with the results.

Sometimes designs fly right out of my head (or sketchbook) and on to the screen, but often it takes a bit of kicking around to get things just right. And sometimes (like you'll see soon with an updated "Tinker" illo), I end up tweaking an older design to make it "pop" just a bit more. All part of the process. a good name for this character? Email your ideas to me and I'll pick a favorite. Winners will receive a print of the design along with a few other cool items...congrats to Brad from Louisiana for naming Week Four's illustration — Munson is his name!


  1. Milton. It's another M name. I know.

  2. I'm feeling a W. Winifred, Wilhelm, Wendy, or Wendall. Or Ashlie. :)

  3. ok, I'm feeling Wurble. Or Wurbel? Sigh. I've got nothing.