Thursday, December 13, 2012

X-mas Under Da Ground 2012

So I headed up to the bi-annual X-mas Under Da Ground show Saturday night at minicine? to take in the’s a good article about the show from The Shreveport Catalyst. The evening consisted of local short films (experimental and otherwise), cool music, and a ton of local artists showcasing their work (there maaaay have been a couple of TOOMASOOBA pieces on display now that I think about it) — all on Texas Avenue in downtown Shreveport.

Late 2010 is when I began to get involved with the local art scene — seeing the awesome craziness and energy that everyone brought on Saturday night really made me thankful to be a part of the creative community in my hometown. The people I’ve met, events I’ve been a part of, and the growth I’ve seen happen in just a short time has been inspiring. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Rock on, Shreveport, and thanks to the fine folks who made it all happen this weekend!

Pretty cool.
Sold a TOOMASOOBA print at the show...Hector found a new home!
My friend Tony Reans posing in front of his work. See more here.
Art, and folks having a good time.

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