Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Makers Fair

Yesterday I attended the Texas Avenue Makers Fair in downtown Shreveport, and it turned out to be the biggest and best yet! Huge crowds, a great variety of talented vendors & performers...and a surprising amount of hula hoop action throughout the day.

Always proud to be a part of this event and I love to see the local (and ever-growing) art community get together. Below are some photos I snapped when I got to sneak away from my table!

A quick shot of the TOOMASOOBA booth. I try to vary my setup and offerings a little
bit for each show I attend...gotta keep it fresh.
Twang Darkly playing a set on Saturday afternoon. Gotta love that upright bass.
Some prints and such by Lesley John...I dig the figures she painted up for the Fair!
The always-rad Art Punch representing for America.
Danielle Griffith and her killer illustrations. Needle-felting, too!
I have no rhythm at all, but I was mesmerized by Paul King's Index Drums.

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  1. Awesome post, man! Wish I would have been there! Or something like that.