Saturday, April 7, 2012

Boomabot Plush

In late 2010, I collaborated with my good pal Samantha Krause to produce a series of limited-edition handmade (and oh-so-cute) Boomabot plush. They turned out amazing...and sold like gangbusters! I recently ran across some pics and, since the little guys were completed in the pre-blog days, thought I'd show off a few photos below.

Samantha has a new venture these days called POKEY!!! -- check it out and buy some handmade awesomeness from her. We plan to work together again this summer on some TOOMASOOBA creations, so stay tuned for glimpses at what gets cooked up!

The Boomabot Army.
Enjoying a healthy snack.
Totally Tote!
Little known fact: Boomabots love musicals.

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