Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Creature Feature #3: Mr. Darcy

(“Creature Feature” is a regular blog staple that puts the spotlight on a TOOMASOOBA creation and information on how it came to be!) 

Silly Little Story: Mr. Darcy juggles many interests -- he loves his garden, he is president of the local vinyl records club and he earns his living as a crossing guard. Mr. Darcy is also trying to build a time machine. Mr. Darcy is a very busy man.

Behind the Scenes: I originally created Mr. Darcy as part of a button set...I needed a few simple and bold designs that really stood out on a one inch "canvas", and I felt this guy really fit the bill. With the later addition of ears and a fancy hat, he ended up being featured in the Impromptu art show last spring. And no, I'm not exactly sure why I named him after a character from "Pride and Prejudice".

Shameless Plugs: Pick up a Mr. Darcy Shirt or grab some buttons featuring his face!

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