Sunday, January 13, 2013

Art History #2: Artscene

Long before the days of TOOMASOOBA, I was always up to some sort of cartooning craziness — comic strips, mini-comics, and more. In 2001, I was asked to chat on the local cable access show "Artscene". Want to hear what this college-aged creator was involved with at the time?

Well then, click here to download an edited 13-minute audio interview if you dare (15 MB, mp3)...below are several screenshots from the televised broadcast.

Many thanks to my buddy Doug Paton, who stumbled upon the last remaining VHS recording of the show last year. I was very excited to get my hands on it and make a digital copy for the archives — it was quite a kick to experience this blast from the past!

For more "classic" work, see Art History #1.

State-of-the-art "Artscene" intro graphics.
In the interview hot seat. I considered posting video as well, but I looked like
a huge goon. Trust me, the audio version is much better.
A screenshot of  a project I did about "Eleventeen", my college comic strip.
Host Dan Garner showing off copies of "Tim Swim" and "Outskirts" mini-comics.


  1. This ia an awesome post. Listened to the whole thing. Great stuff. I've never read any of you Tim Swim stuff BTW. I'd love to check it out.

  2. Thanks for listening! I'll dig up some old Tim Swim comics next time we hang out.