Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hillcrest HarvestFest 2012

Headed up to Little Rock for the 17th Annual Hillcrest HarvestFest last Saturday  the first TOOMASOOBA show in Arkansas. I'd originally heard about it from my artist pal Mindy Lacefield, and I was not disappointed! We had a great time  my buddies Rex and Jonathan joined in and we took in the sights and sold a ton of stuff (AND we got to play shuffleboard at The Hillcrest Fountain, which was fantastic  we are in table-less in Shreveport).

Hillcrest is a cool little neighborhood in Little Rock  great shops, great restaurants and bars, great vibe, great people. There were lots of families, dogs and cool guys and girls in attendance. I've only been to Little Rock once before, but it's definitely a town I feel at home in. Can't wait to come out again next year  many thanks to the Hillcrest Merchants Association for having us out!

It's on!
Hey, uh, what's that? Wanna buy something?
The street were packed all day. We were selling our wares for nine hours
in the hot, hot heat!
Jonny Hines taking a quick power nap.
Givin' the sales pitch.
Rex getting excited about some TOOMASOOBA.


  1. I finally found the bookmark you gave me at Harvest Fest! I'm sure you probably don't remember me (tall guy walking a red bike, I think we talked about your socks being sold in Portland) but I'm glad to see you're still making some great art! I'm subscribed to your newsletter now so be sure to let us know when you come back through Little Rock.

  2. Hi Bryan, thanks for dropping me a line (and for signing up on the email list, too). Glad you dig the TOOMASOOBA. I plan to do the HarvestFest again in 2013 so keep an eye out for me!