Wednesday, December 28, 2011


My good friend Travis Eck just moved to Houston with his wife and kiddos, so the 4AFTER5 boys had a little get-together to say our goodbyes before he left. Trav's signature creation is Hue Snodgrass, a character he's been making comics about since his high school days. The dude even put out a hilarious full-color comic last year starring Hue and should buy it now, he does good work.

Anyway, I worked up a TOOMASOOBA version of Hue ("ToomaHUEba", that is) as a parting gift for Trav and I think he was pleased with the results. Take a look below.

We'll miss our buddy...but no worries, he will remain an official part of the 4AFTER5 gang. Plenty of jam comics and collaborations still to come, we promise!

"ToomaHUEba" alongside Trav's character design!

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