Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happiness Happens Day

With coloring sheets and t-shirts in tow, I headed out to Happiness Happens Celebration Day in Bossier City this past Saturday. The event was put on by Holiday Lanes (in cahoots with the Secret Society of Happy People) and it was a really fun time – bowling, bands, bubbles, hula-hooping, activites, plus TOOMASOOBA coloring pages and free stickers for all.

 My table was outdoors and, no lie, the crayons began to melt after several hours. Holy cow! August in Louisiana ain’t no joke, friends. Below are several photos of happy people being all happy and such – take a look!

Robin put on the event...and chose some great colors for Eureka, too.
A couple of little dudes putting their own spin on RoBoy.
More TOOMASOOBA coloring!
I did not envy the folks rocking out these mascot suits, let me tell ya.

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  1. Thanks Jeremy for sticking out the heat and sharing HAPPINESS! It made me happy seeing your creations making other people happy. While the day was so hot, I was energized by the smiles and fun everyone had. Robin